Digitally Signed Autograph

Wish there was a way to include ebooks in book signings?  You don’t have to wish anymore.  There are actually several options for authors and readers to connect through live and online ebook signings.

You can, in fact, sign an ebook, and there are several really cool high-tech and low-tech solutions that are absolutely free for both authors and readers.

So, how can you sign an ebook, or get an ebook signed by your favorite author?  To answer the question, I researched, contacted authors and CEOs, picked all their brains, and thoroughly tested the options myself.

It works!

Now, I can save you the hassle of figuring out which solution is best for you, and I can walk you through it with step-by-step instructions, illustrated with real-life screenshots.

What Do Ebook Authors Sign? Book 1 Tools & TechnologyWhat Do Ebook Authors Sign?

Look over my shoulder in What Do Ebook Authors Sign? to pick the solution(s) you like best an start digitally signing personalized inscriptions for fans today.

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